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What This Website Is All About:

Secret #1: How To Build Your Foundation

There are a number of things that EVERY practice should be doing with every patient. If you're not on top of this, you shouldn't run a single ad!

Secret #2: How To Find Ideal Patients

What kinds of patients can you attract? Where do you find them? What gets them to show up? How do they find out about you? We'll get right to it.

Secret #3: How To Grow Effectively

Do you flood yourself with new patients and then get stuck in the mud created by all of that activity? Let's build a better way to grow your business.


Joe Talks Marketing

I like to talk. It's pretty much my super power. :)

I share what's on my mind, what I'm working on with my private clients, and what I'm seeing in the industry that really needs to change. This is all no-nonsense talk, too. I'm out to help you understand what's going on around you and what you should do to grow from it.

What People Are Saying:

Michael Ennis, DC

"I just had my best year EVER with Joe!"

"He is every bit as important to my operation as any other member of the team. He has shown me a different way to think about my practice and then how to take action on those new ideas.

Our time together is fun, exciting, and always looking to the future. I'm planning ideas for much farther out than ever because I have a plan that works and we know where we're headed!"

Eileen DePaula, M.Ed., M.Ac. Lic.Ac.

"I REALLY enjoy working with Joe!"

"I've worked with marketing people before - and plenty of them - but this experience has been totally different. Joe never tried to talk over my head or establish that he was in charge of anything. When we tackled a topic, we found common ground, looked at where we wanted to go with it, and then worked through the challenges together.

I'm already looking forward to our next project and finding additional ways to work together. Now that I see where I can go with Joe's help, I'm eager to get on the trail and get moving."

Franklin Luke, DC

"He brought marketing to my level and kept me in the driver's seat."

"Every marketer I have ever worked with had the same agenda. They went over my head to make me feel silly, told me they would 'just handle it all' and then disappeared when the results never came.

Joe helped me change the way I thought about my health and wellness patients, and I couldn't have done it with any of the other people who have come and gone."

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