About Us


Connecting Businesses with Our Community

Many companies seek to do more than just make a profit – they want to be respected, integrated members of the community. That’s where we come in.

Whether you want to host an event with a local non-profit organization or just want to be involved in one of our existing events, we can help you set up community programs for your employees or your giving funds to make a difference in your own neighborhood.

Teaching Non-Profits to Grow Successfully

Many non-profits start small, and few are able to grow to do the good they want to do. As a team of passionate business leaders, we are prepared to partner with local non-profit organizations to build a growth plan that is obtainable, meets business demands, and can be measured.

Celebrating the Good in RVA

We love this city. We got our start by highlighting all of the good things done in RVA, by the people who live here. Today, we host our own events and partner with great enterprises throughout the year to bring the citizens and visitors of RVA a robust set of opportunities to good, in a number of ways.

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