About Us


Happy Camper Productions exists to spread good cheer, unite the community, and help those who need it most. We work with local causes and organizations to host events, drives and collections. We host our own functions as well as energize existing programs by involving the Happy Camper Nation – our loyal members and overall do-gooders who look to make a difference, but don’t necessarily know how.

Working with local community programs across the greater Richmond area, we see a need for an organized group not dedicated to just one cause. By keeping a pool of individuals together, we are able to more quickly and efficiently provide assistance where it is needed most.

The Happy Camper community service organization includes people of all ages from around the Richmond Virginia area. The group founder and director, Kelly Elias, a local educator, has been active in community service activities for many years and wanted her love for helping others to continue to spread throughout the Richmond area. HCP has since grown to an organization with a board of directors and members of all ages and backgrounds all with a passion to help those in need in the RVA community.

We Support Local Causes Through Donations

Joining the Happy Camper Nation is, and always will be, free. We work with local causes to raise awareness of their events and drives, but also host events on our own. Funds given to Happy Camper Productions are regularly donated to our partner programs and causes. Donations are always welcome, and we are very excited to have wonderful sponsors working with us to spread our positive message even further.

Sponsor Events with Happy Camper Productions

Happy Camper Productions operates through the donation of time and money from individuals as well as businesses. To show our appreciation, we have developed a mutually beneficial sponsorship program for businesses. To learn more, contact us.

There is no limit to what you can do to help those in need.

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