About Us

Happy Camper Event Planning

We Build Better Break Rooms in RVA

The professional office has changed a lot in recent years – so why do you have the same old coffee pot or gigantic coffee vending machines stuck in the corner? We partner with local businesses to establish modern, attractive drink services with equipment that matches the personality of your business. There’s a better break room waiting for you!

We Plan & Host Events in RVA

It’s one thing to have a meeting – it’s another to have an event. We specialize in taking an otherwise frustrating situation (planning something out of the ordinary) and making it extraordinary! From start to finish, we are experienced event planners capable of taking care of all of the details, so you don’t have to worry.

We particularly shine when there’s a good cause involved. If your business or organization is interested in hosting a fundraising event for a local non-profit, we’re your planning partner! We’ve hosted dozens of these events all over RVA.

We Celebrate the Good in RVA

We love this city. We got our start by highlighting all of the good things done in RVA, by the people who live here. Today, we host our own events and partner with great enterprises throughout the year to bring the citizens and visitors of RVA a robust set of opportunities to good, in a number of ways. From Gathering for Good happy hours to our annual Happy Camper Fest, if there’s something fun that highlights a great cause, you’ll usually find us involved.

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